We are the only lender that views proving reliable and superior customer service as important as providing capital.

Committed to Service

Focused on Excellence

At TriplePoint, we are committed not only to being your long term financing partner but also to providing you reliable and superior customer service in every aspect of your relationship with us. 

Following are some of the highlights of our efforts to provide world class customer service at every level:

Dedicated Team Approach

A dedicated team approach provides in-house personalized service from knowledgeable professionals at every phase of your relationship including Documentation, Administration, and the industry's only dedicated Customer Service unit. Your team of professionals are available through our Customer Support Center 24 hours a day including holidays.

Senior Team Approach

While we support each customer as a team, we don't believe in handing-off our customers from one person to another as they move along the process of implementing and managing a financing with us.  At TriplePoint, our senior professionals are involved in every aspect of the financing process for our customers.

Account Data at Your Fingertips

TriplePoint's customer oriented service approach reaches far beyond its dedicated staff. With online access to their accounts via AccessPoint, the industry's first online platform, customers can check balances, view documents, and more 24/7.

Streamlined Processes

TriplePoint has significantly simplified the historically cumbersome documentation and funding processes by offering a wide range of customer-friendly lease and loan administration and legal services, delivered personally—onsite and online—by our experienced team of professionals.

Integrated Services

As part of our commitment to provide you with value beyond capital, we've integrated within our leases and loans an array of complementary products, services, and resources useful to venture capital-backed companies.

Customer Support Center

TriplePoint offers customers the TriplePoint Support Center – monitored 24 hours / 7 days per week including holidays so you can be sure your critical questions can always be answered - anytime you need them.

Our commitment to service makes your job easier.