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Venture Lending Surges Back But Will Start-Ups Pile On Debt?

Dow Jones - Venture Capital Analyst

Excerpt - July, 2006 - By Russ Garland

Venture lending, which peaked during the Internet bubble, is surging back as start-ups along with older venture-backed companies find competitive deals that make borrowing an attractive alternative to raising more equity.

Several new lenders have appeared including one led by Jim Labe, who founded the bubble's biggest debt player, Comdisco Ventures. The firm crumbled in 2001 along with its parent Comdisco Holding Co., a publicly traded technology services company.

Labe asserts that his new venture, TriplePoint Capital will not make the same mistakes as Comdisco. "We plan to drive this into an extremely large, full service financial company," he said...

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