We are the sole provider of lease financing in the venture leasing and lending industry.

TriplePoint Capital offers a large and innovative suite of debt financings that have an impact on your business.

TriplePoint Capital is the only dependable and trusted provider of lease based financing to venture capital backed companies. We are the only team with over 30 years of expertise of providing such value added financing along with a complementary universe of loan based financings.

Our Solutions Based Approach

We provide solutions that are a unique combination of commercial finance and venture capital. Our industry leading expertise in financing venture capital backed companies and our specialized industry focus in technology, life sciences, cleantech, and other high-growth industries enable our team of professionals to focus on both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of your business.

Working closely with you, our goal is to evaluate and understand your short term and long term needs and objectives in order to offer innovative and customized solutions that are targeted to finance specific assets, business purposes or objectives, or specialized needs related to your industry or stage of development.

No other financing provider to venture capital backed companies takes this approach and no other firm has the track record of success like we do.

Our Solutions

Asset-Based Financings
  • Equipment Leases
  • Equipment Loans
  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Lab Facilities Initial Build-Out and/or Expansion
  • Datacenter Initial Build-Out and/or Expansion
  • Manufacturing Capacity Initial Build-Out and/or Expansion
  • Inventory
  • Domestic & International Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Flow
  • Other Asset-Based Financings
Purpose-Based Financings
  • Growth Capital Loans For Business Acceleration and Runway Extension
  • Domestic or International Expansion
  • Company, Asset, or Intellectual Property Acquisition
  • Supplier or Strategic Partner Deposits
  • Vendor Financing
  • Revolvers
  • Buy-Out / Spin-Out Financing
  • Convertible, Subordinated and/or Mezzanine Loans
  • Other Purpose-Based Financings
Specialized, Industry or Stage Related Financings
  • Seed and Early-Stage Jumpstart Financing
  • Cleantech Pilot & Production Facility Financing
  • Cleantech Commercialization Facility Project Finance
  • Drug / Device Development Acceleration Financing
  • Clinical Trial Financing
  • ASP Unbilled Receivable Financing
  • Initial Public Offering Financing
  • Merger/ Sale Financing
  • Other Specialized, Industry or Stage Related Financings
Industry Focus

We provide capital to companies in industries with high growth potential such as technology, life sciences, cleantech, and their corresponding sub-sectors.

Financing Size

No transaction size is too small and no transaction size is too big for us. Our smallest financing to date has been $10,000 and our largest to date was $100 million. For all of our customers, it is our intent to grow with them and provide additional financing, assuming they continue to grow and need our capital.

Track Record

Our leasing and lending track record speaks for itself - TriplePoint Capital has partnered with some of the most exciting and innovative venture capital backed companies.

Synergy With Our Equity Investing Strategy

We believe that our customers benefit from having both a debt financing and equity investment from us. This creates a spirit of partnership, aligns our collective interests, and enables us to assist in your success – which is a cornerstone of our Lifespan approach of building long-term relationships with our customers and providing solutions that meet your unique needs each step of the way.