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A Broad Array of Financing Solutions

Customized For Your Success

TriplePoint Capital offers a large and innovative suite of debt financings and equity investments that have an impact on your business. We are uniquely positioned to offer you an unprecedented and unmatched path to success based on our:

Relationship-Based Approach to Meet Your Needs At All Stages – With our Lifespan Approach, we place a great deal of emphasis on establishing and building long-term relationships with our customers, regardless of the size or timing of your financing needs or the stage of your company, and on providing debt financings and equity investments that meet your unique needs each step of the way.

Customized and Innovative Solutions For High Growth Companies and Industries – Our industry leading expertise in financing venture capital backed companies and our specialized industry focus in technology, life sciences, cleantech, and other high growth industries enables our team of professionals to work closely with our customers to utilize a creative & flexible perspective when evaluating and anticipating your needs and objectives in both the short term and long term in order to determine a set of innovative and customized solutions.

Unsurpassed Capabilities and Stability – At TriplePoint Capital, no transaction size is too small and no transaction size is too big for us. We have the capacity, reliability and independence to not only provide you with a large and innovative suite of debt financings and equity investments but also enables our ability to grow with your company and provide more capital - domestically and globally.

Sole Provider of Lease Based Financing – TriplePoint Capital is the only dependable and trusted provider of lease based financing to venture capital backed companies. We are the only team with over 30 years of expertise of providing such value added financing. We complement our lease based offerings with a large universe of loan based financings as well.

Responsive – We are the only lender that views providing reliable and superior customer service in every aspect of your relationship as important as providing you with capital. From streamlined processes, to senior level attention and electronic access to your account information, we deliver on our commitment to providing reliable, world-class customer service.

Reliable Partner with Proven Success – We've provided more than $6 billion to more than 3,000 leading venture capital-backed companies. By partnering with TriplePoint Capital, we enable you to benefit from our success.

We Work With Our Customers To Find and Customize the Right Solution – Not Just a Financing.